Seeking Young Trustees

Are you interested in becoming a ‘Young Trustee’? A few years ago, the Government
commissioned some work on charity governance and the make-up of Trustee bodies; the
report (by the Charities Aid Foundation, CAF) identified that nationally over two-thirds of
Trustees of Charities were aged over 50 and that only 2% of Trustees fell into the 18-24 age
group. Since then, the Government and many charities have been working to encourage
younger people to get involved in Trustee boards through the
Young Trustees Scheme.
in Bramley, the Village Hall Trustees are keen to support this scheme; 80% of the Trustees
are over 50 and we would like to have two younger members join the Trustees Committee
this year. As Young Trustees they will be given mentoring by existing Trustees and will have
specific roles and projects (such as working with the media, developing our communications
and working with new community groups just starting up); this may involve using their
existing skills and knowledge or it may encourage them to develop new skills. In any case,
experience on the Trustee Committee is always good for the CV. Some more formal training
opportunities may be available. If you are or know someone who is aged 18-24, interested
in supporting the local community and can spare at least one evening per month and a few
hours occasionally for some project work, then please contact